Faculty & Staff

Your Parking Options

We offer permit options that can accommodate your commuting needs. Learn more about our permit types and how to register for each:

Lots Z and 1

Lot Assignments and Overflow Parking

Annual Permits

Annual permits are valid for your primary assigned lot and overflow lots.

  • Your transportation coordinator will assign you to your primary campus parking lot.
  • You may be directed to park in your overflow lots if a special event or construction impacts your assigned lot. 

You may add up to four vehicles to your parking registration. However, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time. Full details and restrictions are available in our parking regulations.

2-Day and 3-Day Permits

2-day and 3-day per week permits are valid in faculty/staff overflow lots only. Construction or special events occasionally affect faculty/staff overflow lots. We may ask you to relocate your vehicle from the affected location to another overflow lot.

Daily Permits 

Daily permits are valid in faculty/staff overflow lots only. Construction or special events occasionally affect faculty/staff overflow lots. We may ask you to relocate your vehicle from the affected location to another overflow lot. 

Faculty/Staff Overflow Lots

Faculty and staff overflow lots are Lots K, P, U, V, X, XX1, Z, Stadium Drive Garage or any lot on campus that begins with a number EXCEPT for Lot 2. View map for lot locations.

UMGC evening faculty and staff do not need a permit to park in the unrestricted parking areas after 4 p.m. daily, and all day on weekends and university-observed holidays. However, UMGC faculty and staff must register and properly display a current valid permit/decal to park in the faculty/staff restricted parking areas.

Update your parking registration if your vehicle license plate number has changed, or if you are driving a vehicle that is not currently on your permit. To make these changes to your parking permit, please log in to your parking account and update your vehicle information before arriving to campus. 

If you wish to change your parking lot assignment, please speak with your department's transportation coordinator. 


Your department's transportation coordinator will help you register for an annual parking permit and complete the required forms below. These forms must be authorized by the transportation coordinator prior to visiting the DOTS office at Regents Drive Garage.

Faculty/Staff Parking Application Form (Ask your transportation coordinator)

Payroll Deduction Form


Payroll deduction registrations are a pre-tax benefit deducted from your paycheck. This payment method is an option only for annual permits and 2-day/3-day per week permits (available for Fall 2021). 

  • For Annual Permits: Payroll deductions are taken over the course of 20 pay periods. Deductions are not taken over the summer. Employees who are hired during the summer before August 5, 2021 are required to pay for their permit using cash, check, or card payment until payroll deduction resumes in the fall. Payment options for the summer permit are available. 
  • For 2-Day/3-Day permits: Please indicate on the 2-day/3-day request form that you would like to pay via payroll deduction. These deductions are taken over the course of 10 pay periods.  

Enrollment and Confirmation

Your transportation coordinator will assist you in pre-tax payroll deduction enrollment. Upon completing and submitting the required forms, you will see deductions begin up to two pay periods after enrolling. To confirm that deductions are being taken, employees may look under taxes/deductions for “20-PAY PARKING” on pay statements.

Missed Payments 

It is the responsibility of the employee to contact DOTS if deductions are missed for any reason. As long as the registration is active and payroll deduction is in place, the registrant is responsible for all payments. 

Although parking fees are deducted at a pre-tax rate, DOTS cannot give pre-tax rates for missed payments. The employee is responsible for any missed deductions.


Payroll deduction registrations do not expire and it is the responsibility of the employee to cancel the parking registration when it is no longer needed and to send the payroll deduction cancellation form to DOTS. Work with your department's transportation coordinator to cancel your annual permit. 

Summer Permit Payment Options

We offer two payment options:

  1. Pay the entire sum when you activate your permit.
  2. Pay half at the time of activation. Pay the other half no later than July 2, 2021. 

Make your payment online through your parking account. Contact our office at transportation@umd.edu or 301-314-3687 if you are unable to pay online. Your transportation coordinator cannot make the payment for you. 


For Annual Permits: Employees wishing to pay cash, check or credit card for an annual parking registration will need to have their transportation coordinator renew their parking registration on a yearly basis, or as needed. 

For 2-Day/3-Day Permits: Employees wishing to pay in full may use cash, check or credit card. You will receive instructions for payment after your request has been processed.

For Daily Permits: These permits are purchased through cash, check or credit only.