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Carpooling is a form of ridesharing that helps you
maximize your commute time and save money on gas and
vehicle maintenance. Use the Smart Commute digital platform to connect with a university ridesharing partner
who shares a similar schedule and lives near you—you might
just make a new friend.


  • A 50% discount on your annual parking permit. Daily permit holders and 2-day/3-day permit holders are not eligible.
  • Parking in any designated carpool space, as well as all of the lots assigned to each member. Ex: if one rider is assigned to Lot 1 and the other is assigned to Lot 5, the carpool may park in either lot.
  • Free registration in the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides a free ride home if there is an emergency (faculty/staff only). 
  • 30 daily permits per year for each carpooler. 
    • Use these on the days you both need to drive your own vehicles. 
    • If you’re carpooling just for the semester, you will receive 10 daily permits.
  • Retain your original lot assignment if the carpool dissolves.
  1. Create a Smart Commute account to find a UMD carpool partner and access rewards programs and trip analytics.
  2. Complete the online form. All members of the carpool must submit a copy of the form.
  3. Await an email confirmation 1-2 business days after all participants have submitted the form.