Citations & Reviews

Let's Address Your Parking Citation

Sometimes, parking citations happen. If you receive a parking citation, take steps to address it immediately:


A $30 late fee will be applied to citations that are neither appealed nor paid within the 15 days.  

To avoid citations in the future, we recommend you get acquainted with our parking regulations. You can also view violation types and associated fines

covid-19 update: customer service

Our cashiers and customer service is contact-free! Inquiries and transactions will take place online and over the phone. Physical permits and printed forms can be exchanged via our new smart lockers and DOTS dropbox. Our lobby is closed until further notice, but we remain available Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

A citation that remains unpaid after the 15-day period or after a reduced or denied appeal is considered unresolved. DOTS may take one or more of the following steps to achieve resolution:

  1. A late fee of $30 will be assessed.
  2. Vehicles with five outstanding citations that are more than 15 days old may be towed at the owner's expense. Vehicles will not be released until those outstanding fines and fees are satisfied.
  3. The citation may be referred to the state MVA Flagging Program or state Central Collection Unit (CCU) for action, and all unresolved fines may be added to the university student account. Personal checks will not be accepted for citation payment under the State MVA Flagging Program.
  4. Students may be responsible for citations issued to vehicles owned by family members.
  5. Maryland income tax returns and wages may be garnished for settlement of unresolved citations.

Payment by cash or check is strongly discouraged. However, if you need to pay your citation with cash or check, please contact us to make arrangements.


Pay your citation through our online parking ticket payment system.


Our cashiers can accept debit or credit card payments over the phone during business hours. You may not use Terrapin Express to pay for your permit, campus license plate registration or citations.

by mail

Mail a check or money order made payable to the University of Maryland to:

Department of Transportation Services
University of Maryland
8056 Regents Drive
College Park, MD 20742

citation reviews

We know that mistakes happen. If you would like to dispute a citation or you believe it was issued in error, you may request a DOTS administrative review or a Prince George's County District Court hearing within 15 calendar days from the citation issue date. Requests will not be accepted after the 15-day period. If you request a DOTS review, please submit a written explanation and, if appropriate, attach any supporting documentation.

You do not owe payment until you have been notified that a decision has been made. If you submit payment before receiving your decision, this will cancel the review.

i don't understand why i received this citation.

If you don't understand why you received a parking citation, please email and our customer service team will clarify. 


Customer service support for appeals, including language assistance, is available over the phone during business hours.

online review

Request an online review through the parking portal. You will need your citation number and vehicle license plate information to submit an online review. Visitors will need to create a parking profile before completing the online review.

Requests for a review through the Prince George's District Court is not available online and must be submitted by mail or in person to the DOTS office.

By mail or in person

Return both the citation and your written request by mail or deliver it to the DOTS dropbox outside the DOTS office. Appeal forms are located outside the DOTS office. If you do not have the original citation, please provide the citation number, license plate information, your name and address, and which entity should review your request (DOTS or Prince George's County Court) on separate paper.

Requests for second review (UMD students only)

UMD students wishing to dispute the decision made on their first review may submit a second review request. Second reviews are conducted by the University Appellate Board, a branch of the Office of Student Conduct. Your second review request must be received within seven business days from the date of the first review decision letter.

The Appellate Board will only consider requests that include new and relevant information that was not provided with the original review. This includes supporting documents, receipts, letters of support and so on.

Before your visit to the DOTS office bring in this completed Request for Second Review form.

Parking Violation Types & Fines

You are subject to a fine if you park in violation of campus parking reguations. Any student found to be in violation may also be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. The list below shows parking violation types and fees. 


Violation Code Description Fine
7a Public safety $100
7b Illegal display and/or receipt of permit or campus registered license plate $300
7c Illegally parked in disabled space/transfer area $300
7d Illegally parked in a courier permit parking space $85
7e Parked in other than assigned area $85
7f Parked outside of control lines $15
7g Illegally parked in violation of posted DOTS signage $85
7h Expired parking meter/pay station $45
7i Illegally parked in a fire lane $150
7j Illegally parked in a service-permit-only space $85
7k Illegally parked in a restricted lot $85
7l More than one vehicle per registrant on campus at the same time $170 (per vehicle)
7m Permit or campus license plate improperly displayed $85
7n Illegally entering a controlled lot $300
7p Illegal use of state-issued disabled permit $500

Fraudulent use of documents, registration, validation
or pin codes

7s Athletics Terrapin Club Violation $85