paratransit is available to all students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities.

Paratransit a curb-to-curb, on-demand and subscription service. In order to use paratransit, students, faculty and staff with disabilities must register with the University Health Center (UHC) or Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS). Those with temporary injuries should register with the UHC, while those with a permanent disability should register with ADS.

Paratransit Van

Paratransit is also available for campus guests who schedule their rides directly with Shuttle-UM.

Learn more about obtaining certification and scheduling a ride.


Fall and Spring Semesters: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Summer 2021: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For rides before and after the Paratransit service hours please call 301-314-3687 (4-DOTS). The service is for academic purposes only.


  1. Contact DOTS Shuttle-UM at 301-314-3687 (4-DOTS) to schedule a ride to the UHC.
  2. Obtain certification from UHC.
  3. The certifying doctor or nurse will register the passenger in the online Paratransit Scheduling Application.
  4. Once the passenger's information has been entered into the system, the passenger can schedule rides online through the duration of their certification.

Please register through ADS: 301-314-7682

Campus visitors should contact or call 301-314-2660 to schedule a ride. Rides should be scheduled well in advance of the needed time so that accommodations can be made. Scheduling at 48 hours in advance, at minimum, is helpful.


A no-show will be documented when a passenger: 

  1. Calls to cancel a ride less than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ride time.
  2. Does not call to confirm ride(s) for the same day and does not show to a ride that day.
  3. Is more than five minutes late for any scheduled ride.

One no-show: Passengers who “no show” any ride, will see their remaining ride(s) cancelled for the rest of the day.

Two no-shows: Passengers who accumulate two “no-shows,” he/she will be contacted through email and/or letter.

Three no-shows: On the third no-show, the passenger will be fined $20.00. Additionally, the passenger will be fined $20.00 for every “no show” incurred thereafter. 

After two weeks of consecutive no-shows, DOTS will assume that the passenger no longer requires paratransit service and will cancel their schedule. If passengers are consistently late to their pickups, they will be contacted to discuss and update the existing schedule. 

substandard service

In the event that paratransit passengers believe they received substandard service from a DOTS staff member, those passengers may contact the demand response manager by calling 301-314-2660.

passenger misconduct

DOTS operates on a three-strike policy:

  1. The DOTS staff member involved will document the first two incidents of passenger misconduct and a warning letter will be sent to the passenger.
  2. In the event of a third instance of passenger misconduct, the passenger will receive a suspension of service letter that will be in place until the issues are resolved. All violations of the paratransit policies will be reviewed individually.

scheduling paratransit rides

Every effort is made to meet the needs of our passengers. However, the practical reality is that the schedule can fill up quickly. As a result, paratransit scheduling occurs on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is established by the date on which the trip is scheduled on the online paratransit scheduling system.

Shuttle-UM prefers you request your ride at least one week in advance. However, ride requests can be made as late as one hour before your desired ride. Same day trips can be scheduled by contacting Shuttle-UM dispatch at 301-404-3687 (4-DOTS)

scheduling your first ride 

1. Login to the paratransit dashboard (You must be registered with the University Health Center) through Central Authentication Service (CAS).

2. Click "Personal Info" to review your personal information 

  • Update the fields with the correct information 
  • Notice that the right box says "sessions." The date(s) in that box is the time when you have permission to use the paratransit program. 
paratransit dashboard

3. Add your first on-campus ride

  • On either the dashboard or the top menu, choose "Add Rides." 
  • Click the "date" box. A calendar will appear. Select the date for your ride. 
  • Fill in the time box with your ride time, selecting AM or PM in the drop-down box.
  • You will notice that "pickup" is already selected. If you would rather be dropped off at the time you entered above, select "drop-off" instead.
  • Select your pick-up and drop-off locations. 
  • To repeat your ride, select "repeating" and check the days on which your ride should repeat. Then, add a "repeat until" date and submit. 
paratranit ride request screen

request an off-campus ride

1. Either on the dashboard on in the menu click "requests."

2. Enter the address of your off-campus destination

3. After clicking "show address," the location will appear on the digital map. Verify your location is correct. If the location is correct, enter a local description and an abbreviation. The abbreviation will be used on your "add rides" page.

4. Click "submit" and you will see the status of your request in the right box. If your request is approved, it will appear in your locations on your add rides page. If your location gets denied or does not get approved right away, contact the demand response manager.

off-campus paratransit ride request image