Teleworking can drastically decrease YOUR carbon footprint.

Telework is when the same work normally performed at the workplace is completed at home or at another location away from the office.

Although teleworking usually doesn't involve a commute, telework days logged in the Smart Commute platform still count for points that may be redeemed for prizes in the Smart Commute store. 

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is teleworking right for you?

Teleworking is not possible for everyone, as many employees are required to be on campus on a daily basis. Please review UMD's Telework Guidelines and speak with your supervisor about your telework options.

If teleworking is not feasible for you, we invite you to explore the many other transportation choices that can reduce your carbon footprint. By signing up for the Smart Commute platform, you can connect with a university carpool partner and discover transit, biking and walking options in the area.

benefits of teleworking

There are many benefits to teleworking for those who are able. Employees who work remotely one day a week can reduce their commute trips by 20%, resulting in a significant decrease in parking demand and carbon emissions. This pushes the university closer to becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2025. Teleworking can also improve employee morale and productivity. According to the International Telework Association and Council, on average, teleworking yields:

  • 22% increase in employee productivity
  • 20% decrease in employee turnover
  • 60% decrease in employee absenteeism