Many convenient parking options are available for campus guests.

Visitor spaces are available in street locations, surface lots and in four of our five campus garages. These spaces are controlled by pay stations and credit card meters. The visitor parking map provides a detailed view of your options.  

Please report malfunctioning meters to the DOTS office by calling 301-314-3687 (4-DOTS). It is prohibited to park at a space with a malfunctioning meter. Money placed in a malfunctioning meter will not be refunded.


rates and hours

All visitor parking is enforced seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to midnight, unless otherwise noted on the meter. With the exception of Labor Day, meters are not enforced on university-observed holidays. 

During these hours, guests must pay $3 per hour, with no daily rate. Many of our visitor parking zones allow for payment through the Parkmobile app. 

for guests with disabilities

Visitors and vehicles displaying state-issued disabled parking identification may park in designated visitor spaces including those that are ADA accessible. Parking in campus lots that begin with a letter or number during restricted hours is not permitted. This includes accessible spaces. 


At individual metered spaces: Guests with disabilities may park at individual metered spaces for twice the amount of time listed on the meter OR four hours, whichever is shorter, and do NOT need to pay for parking during that time. 

At pay station spaces: Guest with disabilities may park at any visitor pay station space, including spaces that are marked as ADA accessible. Parking payment is required. 


If you are coming to campus for a special event and the existing visitor parking does not meet your needs, please contact the event coordinator to determine if additional arrangements have been made for disabled access.

Pay station parking

Pay station facilities accept cash, credit/debit card, and validation/pin codes as methods of payment. Machines do not accept bills larger than $20, nor do they issue change. Payment through Parkmobile is also available in all pay station areas. 

If you only need to park for 15 minutes or less at a pay station, you may park for free! You will still need to visit the pay station to enter your space number; however, you will not be charged for your transaction.

The DOTS office does not issue any refunds or change for completed transactions.


UMD Pay Station

using the pay station 

  1. Park in any space in any pay station controlled area; signs will indicate such areas on campus.
  2. Look for your space number. This number will either be marked on the ground or on a metal plate on the wall in front of you. Make a note of the number; you will need to enter it at the station.
  3. Locate closest pay station.
  4. Press [OK] button to start.
  5. Select payment method (either cash/card or validation pin code).
  6. Enter your space number.
  7. Enter the amount of time.
  8. Insert payment (either cash/card or validation pin code).
  9. Take receipt.

Credit card meters

Credit card meters do no accept cash payment. Meter durations vary throughout campus and maximum hours (30 minutes, 2 hours, all day, etc.) are printed on each meter. 

UMD Credit Card Meter