Almost all lots on campus are reserved for football on home game days.

Tow notice lot signs with relocation requirements have been and will remain posted at all lots affected by game day.

If you plan to visit campus on a home game day but aren't attending the game, we recommend you view our non-attendee home game parking options for students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

Football Tow Notice Sign 2022


Vehicles that are not relocated by the indicated times may be cited and/or towed at the owner's expense.  You may begin relocating your vehicles at 4 p.m. the Friday before the home game. 

All non-faculty/staff vehicles in the following lots must be relocated by 11:59 p.m. the Friday before every Saturday home football game: 
Lots 4b, 9b, 11b, A, C1, CC1, E, FF2, GG1, H, L, PH1, MM2, MV, NN, O1, O3, P1, P2, RR2, Turner Hall, XX1 and Xfinity Visitor Lot

Anyone parked in the following lots must be relocated by 2 a.m. the Saturday of every home football game:
Lots 1b, 1c, 1d, 1f, 3, Z, J1, JJ1, JJ2, JJ3, M, MM1, N4, Q, Q1, R3, MM3, YC,
School of Public Health meters, Stadium Drive Garage and Union Lane Garage

For Lot 6 (Terrapin Trail Garage) Registrants 

Lot 6 registrants do not need to relocate their vehicles in advance of the game. However, if you leave Lot 6 and return on game day, you will not be permitted to re-enter the lot until after the game. Your UID card will NOT grant you access.

on-campus relocation recommendations 

We recommend you move your vehicle to Terrapin Trail Garage (Lot 6) or Mowatt Lane Garage if you need to relocate to another parking lot on campus. If you choose to relocate to Terrapin Trail Garage (Lot 6), you must do so before parking attendants post on the morning of game day (approx. 6 a.m.). Additionally, if you exit the lot on game day, you may not re-enter the lot until after the game. 

If you are moving your vehicle to another lot on campus that is outside of our recommended relocation areas, please ensure that you:

  1. Check the lot for posted tow notice signs. If a tow notice sign is posted, please read it to ensure that you are not parking in the lot when it is restricted for football.
  2. Read the permanent lot sign (red or black with the lot name) to ensure that you are not parking during hours that are restricted to permit holders. 


All registered vehicles must be parked in their assigned parking lot by 7 a.m. on the Monday following the game to avoid receiving a citation.