Transit App FAQs

What is Transit app?

Transit app provides transit systems, like Shuttle-UM, helpful tools for passengers to improve their transit experience. When Transit is fully operational it will provide real-time bus arrival information, alerts & notifications when service changes and/or disruption occur, and a multimodal trip planner offering different route options including local transit, rideshare, biking and walking.

A Shuttle-UM transit vehicle passing Adele H. Stamp Student Union

Why Transit app?

We are transitioning to the Transit app to improve our bus tracking services. The app’s multimodal trip planner is a new feature. As the leading service provider for transit systems like WMATA and Prince George’s County, Transit allows us to display Shuttle-UM’s information alongside services like Metrobus and TheBus, expanding riders’ available commuting options. 

Should I use the Transit app or NextBus?

Transit is the official app of Shuttle-UM. The Department of Transportation Services no longer has an agreement with NextBus/Umo to track Shuttle-UM buses and any information on their site may be incorrect. 

Why can’t I see Shuttle-UM routes on the Transit app?

The Transit app can be downloaded onto an Apple or Android smartphone. After downloading the app, riders will have to turn on Shuttle-UM in the app to be able to see the Shuttle-UM buses. The download link and instructions on how to make Shuttle-UM routes live is on the Transit app page on the DOTS website.

Shuttle-UM routes will not automatically populate in the Transit app when it is first installed and opened. There are three ways to make Shuttle-UM live after the app is installed. 

  1. Using your phone click this link.
  2. If you are on campus, click on the red notification banner at the top that says, “Looking for UM-Shuttle? Tap here!”
  3. Go to the setting in the app and turn it on manually. These instructions are on the Transit app page on the DOTS website

Why are real-time BUS ETAs not available for Shuttle-UM?

Removing the old hardware and installing the new devices on all of Shuttle-UM’s bus fleet takes time. The hardware on the buses used to provide GPS data to NextBus is either incompatible with the new GPS data provider. Since Shuttle-UM's GPS data is not available, Transit’s real-time bus ETAs is not working. Currently, Transit is using static route data to provide bus route information as well as scheduled stop times. Once Shuttle-UM’s GPS data is available Transit will be fully operational with real-time bus ETAs. The estimated time GPS data will be available is closer to the end of the year. 

What is Transit GO Crowdsourcing?

When you use GO to guide you along your transit trip, you're also sharing the location of your bus with other Transit users to provide them with super-accurate vehicle tracking information. You can also let your fellow riders know how crowded the bus is. Worries about your privacy? Your exact position is never shared with other riders. The position of the vehicle is only shared while GO is active and you’re on board. All data you generate using GO is anonymous, and GO automatically turns off when you reach your destination.

What is Royale?

By upgrading to the premium version, Transit Royale, you get access to every feature you’re used to. And a lot more.