Shuttle-UM FAQs

Published August 21, 2021
Updated September 2, 2021

Am I required to wear a mask while riding Shuttle-UM?

Yes. Everyone aboard Shuttle-UM buses must wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status. It should cover your nose and mouth. 

What is Umo? Should I use it instead of NextBUS?

Umo is a rebranded and improved version of the NextBus app. Later this semester, NextBus will transition to Umo. As of right now, NextBUS is still the best app for receiving real-time Shuttle-UM ETAs and service alerts. More information about Umo will be available on the DOTS website as we prepare for its launch.

Shuttle-UM bus with face covering requirement message

I am brand new to riding Shuttle-UM. Can you help me get started?

Check out our new rider guide, which outlines basic passenger guidelines and etiquette that help you plan for, board and ride Shuttle-UM. 

Is there an app for Shuttle-UM?

  • NextBUS is the official app for delivering accurate, real-time arrival information and delivering service alerts.
  • TransLoc is the official app for scheduling NITE Ride, our on-demand bus service that serves campus from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. every day the university is open. It is the best way to request a NITE Ride.

How can I find out if my bus is running on time or if there's a service change?

We share service updates and alerts in several ways. The best way to stay informed about Shuttle-UM is through the NextBUS app!

NextBUS app
NextBUS is the best way to hear about Shuttle-UM service updates. It sends push notifications to notify you of delays, route changes, service updates and emergency service suspensions. Keep track of your favorite routes by starring them in the app. 

Shuttle-UM webpage
Service announcements and updates regarding route changes and stop relocations will appear at the top of the Shuttle-UM page on the DOTS website. Service announcements share information about schedule modifications during breaks, exams and intersemester periods.  Route delay notifications are pushed through NextBUS and may not appear on the website. 

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Service announcements, route change and stop relocation updates will appear on our social media accounts. Route delay notifications are pushed through NextBUS and may not appear on social media. 

Are your bus schedules always the same?

Fixed-route schedules are updated on a semesterly basis. During exams, breaks and intersemester periods, buses run on modified schedules. Service updates announcing modified schedules are always posted to the DOTS website and shared through NextBUS alerts and our social media. 


Do I need to pay a fare to ride Shuttle-UM?

No, Shuttle-UM is fare-free and does not require registration. However, some of our routes require passengers to present a university ID to the driver. These routes are marked with “ID” on our bus schedules.