Student Parking Fees & Permit Types

fees and permit types

2022 - 2023 Fees

Academic Term Resident Student Overnight Storage Parking Commuter Student Expiration Date
Annual $701 $901 $362 8/27/2023
Fall Only $421 $541 $218 12/21/2022
Spring Only $351 $451 $181 8/27/2023
Summer Only $351 $451 $181 8/27/2023

bundle packs

Bundle pack permits are the perfect solution for commuter students who may need to drive to campus occasionally. A bundle pack contains 10 one-day parking permits for Lots 4 or 6 and may be purchased for $75 from our office in Regents Drive Garage.

permit types

Commuter permit: Provides parking for students who need to park on campus during the day but does not allow for overnight parking in commuter lots.

Resident permit: Allows resident students to keep their cars on campus 24/7.

Overnight storage permit: Provides parking for any non-resident student needing to store their vehicle overnight on campus. Popular with students who live in apartment complexes immediately adjacent to campus.

Temporary medical permits

Students with medical conditions that require different parking arrangements than assigned should have their healthcare provider fill our out Medical Parking Request form and return it to our office. Typically, this results in permission to park in any student lot.

Student Permit Fees Refund Structure

cancelling your registration

Students may cancel their parking registrations at any time by contacting When cancelling, please include your name and UID, as well as a message stating your intent to cancel your parking registration.

We offer refunds for student parking registration fees based on the schedule found below. Please read our parking refund addendum.


Refund Amount Last Day
100% May 29, 2023
80% June 13, 2023
60% June 20, 2023
40% Jue 27, 2023
20% July 5, 2023


Refund Amount Last Day
100% August 28, 2022
80% September 18, 2022
60% November 20, 2022
Spring Only January 24, 2023
40% February 12, 2023
20% February 26, 2023