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Beginning in the 2023-2024 academic calendar, all privately-owned electric scooters and electric bicycles will be required to be registered with the Department of Transportation Services.

In order to register, campus electric scooter and bicycle owners must bring their vehicle to the DOTS Office in Regents Drive Garage to receive their registration sticker. When you arrive, please have the following ready:

  • Your UID 
  • Your e-scooter or e-bike
  • Your vehicle’s make, model and serial number

    Get started by submitting your vehicle details in advance and save time at the office. 

Registration stickers must be applied properly and visible on your vehicle at all times. Failure to register or display registration stickers on your vehicle may result in a warning, immobilized vehicle, or impoundment. The owner is responsible for any associated fees.  

Registration lasts two academic years and must be renewed. Re-registration is required if the vehicle is sold or transferred to a new owner.

Guidance about Your Electric Device and Third-Party 


Devices equipped with an electric motor must comply with UL2772 or UL2849 if manufactured after January 2020. When obtaining an electric micromobility device, consult your manufacturer’s manual or check for UL certification stickers. The University of Maryland will follow all related Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC advisories and recalls related to micromobility devices. It is the owner’s responsibility to stay informed regarding any recalls or safety notices regarding their device. 


 Annual RegistrationFall and Spring Semester RegistrationHow to registerLongevity
Bicycle(non-electric or gas powered)FreeFree
  1. Register on
  2. Pick up registration sticker at the DOTS office or Campus Bike shop
Does not expire


E-Bike (Class 1, 2, and 3)

FreeFreeRegister your vehicle in the DOTS officeRegistration must be renewed every two years


Registration provides a record of ownership of your vehicle. Should your vehicle be lost or stolen, your registration record can be used to file a report with campus police. Registration counts also support the campus’ ability to plan and dedicate resources to the management of micromobility devices. 


Visitors that plan to bring their electric micromobility vehicles to campus should use a visitor tag. To request a visitor tag, please reach out to us by phone at (301) 314-3687 or complete this form and someone from our team will be in touch via email. 


Unregistered, abandoned, or improperly parked micromobility devices are in violation of campus regulations and subject to enforcement by DOTS Officials. Penalties listed in the chart below.

                                                    MICROMOBILITY PENALTIES



1. If your vehicle is booted, the first step is to fill out the Booting Release Form and authorize a $20 release fee charge.
2. Once you have properly completed the above form and authorized the $20 boot release fee charge,
    1. During business hours (M-F, 8:15-4:00) a DOTS employee will email you a code to release the u-lock boot.

    2. Monday through Friday, after business hours call (301) 314-7262 to receive the release code.

    3. Booting release is not available Saturday and Sunday.

3. Once the code is emailed by a staff member, you will have 48 hours to remove the boot from your vehicle and return it to DOTS or you will face a $30 charge for the replacement of the u-lock. Detailed instructions on how to return the u-lock will be provided via email when the release code is sent.

  1. If you believe that your vehicle has been impounded, the first step is to check the impounded bike/scooter database. All impounded bikes and scooters are on this list.
    1.    If you cannot identify your bike or scooter in the impound database, DOTS does not have your bike and we highly recommend you contact the Department of Public Safety (301) 405-3555 to report it as missing. 
  2. Once you have identified your bike/scooter on the database, fill out the bicycle/scooter retrieval form 
  3. DOTS staff will review your form and schedule a time for you to collect your vehicle from the DOTS lobby. There is a $35 fee associated with the release of impounded bikes and scooters.
  4. If your vehicle is not registered with UMD, it must be registered before your bike/scooter is returned.
  5. Once all fees have been paid, your vehicle will be released to you.
  6. DOTS will keep impounded bikes and scooters for one year. If a vehicle has not been retrieved after one year, it will be donated to local non-profit organizations.