Transit, the Official app of Shuttle-UM

Transit IS the Official app of Shuttle-UM

Transit provides real-time arrival information for Shuttle-UM routes. Whether you are checking the status of your favorite bus route or need step-by-step directions to get somewhere new, Transit and Shuttle-UM have you covered.

With Transit, you can easily plan your trip with up-to-the-minute accuracy and view arrival and departure times for nearby routes. It even integrates walking, biking, rideshare and Veo's shared mobility system.  

To view Shuttle-UM routes on Transit, turn on Shuttle-UM in the settings. 

2 easy steps to make Shuttle-UM Live on the Transit app

Not all Shuttle-UM routes are open to the public and require a University ID to ride. For this reason, the Shuttle-UM bus system will not populate initially on your app until it is turned on. Follow these two steps to use Transit.

  1. Download Transit onto your smartphone.  
  2. From your smartphone click this link to turn on Shuttle-UM routes.

manually add shuttle-UM through the app

  1. Open the app
  2. Click the menu on the top left (if location service is not turned on for the app then you will have to enter a location to get the map and the menu to show up)
  3. At the top, there are three tabs, select the middle one that has two bars and two circles
  4. Scroll down to my transit mode and tap the > next to Bus
  5. Scroll down and make sure Shuttle-UM is checked



Transit 101 Guide

Download the Transit 101 Guide

Delete Nextbus

NextBus does not support Shuttle-UM routes. Shuttle-UM info still exists on NextBus but the information is incorrect. Instead of NextBus, use Transit.