Carpool & Vanpool

Ride in the HOV lane. 

Carpooling and vanpooling are forms of ridesharing that help you maximize your commute time and save money on gas and vehicle maintenance. Use the Smart Commute digital platform to connect with a university ridesharing partner who shares a similar schedule and lives near you—you might just make a new friend. 

Individuals who rideshare receive discounts and other benefits through DOTS. Registered carpools receive a 50% discount on their parking permit and vanpools receive free parking.  



DOTS Carpool Benefits

  • A 50% discount on your parking permit.

  • Parking in any carpool designated space located in all garages on campus, as well as all of the lots assigned to each member. For example, if one rider is assigned to Lot 1 and the other is assigned to Lot 5, the carpool may park in either lot.

  • Free registration in the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides a free ride home if there is an emergency (faculty/staff only). 

  • Retain your original lot assignment if the carpool dissolves.

Join a Carpool

  1. Create a Smart Commute account to find a UMD carpool partner.

  2. Complete the online form. All members of the carpool must submit a copy of the form.

  3. Await an email confirmation 1-2 business days after all participants have submitted the form.

How to Find and Create Carpools

what is a vanpool?

A vanpool is a group of five or more riders who share their commute to and from work in a reliable, well-equipped vehicle provided by Enterprise Rideshare. Each individual rider pays a monthly fee that covers the cost of the vehicle, scheduled service, regular maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance, insurance and gas. Month-to-month flexibility is available. You must be 25 or older to participate.

DOTS has partnered with Enterprise Rideshare to provide UMD employees with a smarter way to get to work. Our new vanpool program that is designed specifically for long distance commuters: employees who live more than 15 miles from work, and live near at least four other employees that are also interested in participating.

Vanpool Benefits

  • DOTS will pay 50% of the monthly vanpool fees for six months for new vanpools.

  • Free parking for all registered vanpools.

  • One free Bundle Pack of 10 daily parking permits for each vanpool participant for the days you need to drive.

  • Free registration in the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which provides a free ride home if there is an emergency.

  • Retain your original lot assignment if the vanpool dissolves.

Join a Vanpool

Please fill out this vanpool interest form to provide us with information about yourself and your commute. We will be holding more vanpool formation meetings where you can ask questions, learn more and meet other employees who are also interested in vanpooling throughout the semester.