VeoRide FAQs for UMD Riders

VeoRide is the new bike and electric scooter (e-scooter) program at the University of Maryland, College Park and Town of University Park (view full announcement). During the first few weeks of the Fall 2019 semester, VeoRide will introduce a fleet of 150 electric bikes (e-bikes), 70 pedal bikes and 70 e-scooters in 24 locations on and around campus.

When can I start using VeoRide?

The VeoRide fleet will be introduced to campus beginning on Wednesday, August 28, 2019. Any VeoRide vehicle on the ground is available for use. Riders should download the VeoRide app in advance of their first trip.

During what hours can I use VeoRide bikes and e-scooters?

VeoRide vehicles will be available from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. 

Where am I allowed to drive VeoRide e-scooters and bikes?

Bikes and scooters should generally be used on roads; however, sidewalks can be used when necessary. Remember to always yield to pedestrians. Users should ride in low traffic areas and bike lanes. Exercise caution if it is necessary to cross or briefly travel on a busy road. Riders should always wear a helmet.

Will there be opportunities for me to test drive VeoRide bikes and e-scooters? 

Multiple safety demos staffed by VeoRide representatives will take place throughout the fall semester. These events will include helmet giveaways and opportunities to test drive VeoRide vehicles in a controlled environment. View the University of Maryland DOTS Calendar for the growing list of public demos at the University of Maryland.

How much does it cost to rent a VeoRide bike or scooter?

E-bikes and e-scooters cost $1.00 to unlock and 15 cents per minute of use. Pedal bicycles cost $1.00 to unlock and 5 cents per minute of use.

How many VeoRide bikes and scooters will be available?

The VeoRide fleet will include 150 e-bikes, 70 pedal bikes and 70 e-scooters. These vehicles will be stationed at 24 different locations on campus and around College Park and The Town of University Park.

Is VeoRide Safe? 

VeoRide’s e-scooter has 10-inch wheels with a shock-absorbing vacuum core plus a front and rear suspension that prevents jolts to the rider. These features were designed to create more stability when riding on the street and reduce the risks of accidents caused by cracks or debris in the roadway.

VeoRide supports user safety through community engagement and vehicle maintenance checks. Their employees perform regular multi-point inspections and maintenance of each vehicle so riders may be confident they can safely travel to their next destination. Safety demos staffed by VeoRide representatives will take place on campus and in College Park from late August through October. These events will include helmet giveaways and opportunities to test drive the e-scooters and bikes in a controlled environment.


We welcome feedback through our VeoRide feedback form.

For information about vehicle rentals, parking, payments and more, please visit the VeoRide FAQ