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We created this resource just for you. It’s your guide to getting around with campus transportation:


Shuttle-UM is the university’s transit system. All you need to ride Shuttle-UM is your university ID, with that you can hop on and off the buses whenever you need. Fall 2022 bus schedules are available on the schedules page

Everything you need to navigate Shuttle-UM

New to transit? Our New Rider Guide teaches you the best ways to ride a bus.

Explore all our Shuttle-UM schedules. These include when the bus runs, where it goes. 

Transit is the official app of Shuttle-UM. Use the app to get real-time arrival predictions and alerts to your favorite routes. 

Students on a Shuttle-UM bus.

NITE Ride offers a way for you to get around campus from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. daily when the university is open.

Paratransit offers curb-to-curb, on demand and subscription service to all students with permanent or temporary disabilities to help them navigate campus.

Out-of-state student? This navigation guide helps you get home for Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks with directions to airports, train stations and other regional transportation hubs.

Download the Transit app for real-time ETAs for your bus and the TransLoc app so you can schedule a NITE Ride.

Download these apps

Transit: IOS, Android

TransLoc: IOS, Android

BikeUMD and E-scooter

Bike everywhere!

Biking is one of the favorite ways to get around campus and our cycling community is thriving. To get involved and meet other cycling Terps, join our UMD People Who Bike Google group.

Before you start:

Now you’re ready to check out some of the resources we offer including, self-serve repair stations, classes to make you a more confident rider, group rides, the RecWell Bike Shop and more!

No bike? No problem!

Veo is the e-bike and e-scooter shared micromobility system available on campus, in the City of College Park and the Town of University Park. Download the Veo app, grab a bike or e-scooter and explore the area. Veo bikes and e-scooters can be picked up and dropped off at any bike rack or Veo parking hub.


All students are eligible for on-campus parking. In advance of registering, please view the list of student permit types and their associated fees. Student parking registration for the 2022 - 2023 academic will be available to all students on August 15. 

If you’re planning on parking on campus this year, check out our Parking Best Practices to set yourself up for parking success.

Smart Commute

UMD Smart Commute is the university’s sustainable transportation program. In order to meet the university’s carbon neutrality goal by 2025, we’re promoting sustainable methods of transportation including walking, biking, carpooling and using transit.

Smart Commute offers programs and incentives to make your sustainable commute better and easier.

Learn more about Smart Commute

People walking by a bus and bikes with the UMD smart commute logo in white along the grass at the bottom.

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