Here is the Spring 2019 142 Schedule. Please note that the 142 will not run when the university is closed. 

If you are a university employee who wishes to ride the 142, you must pay through either of these options:

  1. Pay-to-ride payroll deduction, which is the best option for those who plan to ride most days.
  2. A bus bundle pack, which is the best option for the occasional rider.

Students will continue to ride the 142 without additional payment, as their mandatory fees fund Shuttle-UM.

Pay-to-Ride Payroll Deduction


Once your forms are received and processed, $45 will be deducted from each of your paychecks and your parking registration will be cancelled.

Sign-up Instructions

  1. Read and complete the MOU.

  2. Complete the payroll deduction form.
    • You will need to check the "initiate" box under "deduction action requested."
    • Please enter $45 as the total amount per pay period (for up to 20 pay periods).
  3. Return the forms and pick up your pay-to-ride sticker at the DOTS office in Regents Drive Garage.
    • We will place the sticker on the back of your university ID card.
    • Please present the sticker on your ID to the driver when boarding.
    • Stickers are valid for one semester.

In addition to unlimited rides on the 142, you will also receive complimentary parking when the 142 is not running. Your complimentary lots include Lot B (in Regents Drive Garage), or any faculty/staff overflow lot: K, P, U, V, X, XX1, Z, Stadium Drive Garage, and any lot on campus that begins with a number except Lot 2.

If you wish to use complimentary parking, please send the following to transportation@umd.edu:

1. Your vehicle make, model and license place number 

2. Name and UID number

3. A message that you are a 142 employee rider and would like complimentary parking

Bus Bundle PackS

Bus bundle packs cost $40 and include 10 one-way passes. A round trip ride on the 142 would require two bus passes. Each pass may only be used once and must be given to the 142 driver when boarding. Bus bundle packs are available for purchase at the DOTS office in Regents Drive Garage.

Maximizing Your 142 Commute

Sign up for Smart Commute: We encourage you to log your 142 trips through the Smart Commute platform to participate in our sustainable incentives and rewards programs. Sign up through the Smart Commute platform.

NextBus Text Alerts: Receive messages about disruptions, outages and anything that affects the 142 by opting in to Nextbus text alerts.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program: We strongly recommend that regular 142 riders sign up for the Guaranteed Ride Home program. The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides commuters who regularly (twice a week) carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work with a FREE and reliable ride home when one of life's unexpected emergencies arise.

Parking Bundle Packs: This is ideal for those who sign up for 142 payroll deduction instead of a parking permit. You can purchase parking bundle packs through the DOTS office in Regents Drive Garage. One bundle pack costs $75 and includes 10 single-use daily permits that are valid in Lots B, K, P, U, V, X, XX1, Z, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16 & 19. Bundle packs are only available for individuals who do not have a parking permit.