Finding Your Relocated Vehicle

Was Your Vehicle Relocated Before Football?

If your vehicle was towed prior to a football game, please retrieve it from one of the following locations below.  
If you were parked in: 1b,1c, 1d, 1f, 3, JJ,O1,O3, YC, Z
Your car will be moved to Lot 1f (middle rows)
If you were parked in:  Stadium Drive Garage 
Your car will be moved to Stadium Drive Garage North (on the roof)
If you were parked in:  Union Lane Garage (numbered reserve)
Your car will be moved to Union Lane Garage (upper ramp)
If you were parked in: 4b, 9b, 11b, C1, CC1, E, FF2, GG1, H, L, P1, P2, Terrapin Trail Garage, Turner Hall Lot, XX1, XVL
Your car will be moved to J1 (behind Service bld/Ritchie)

Paying Citation and Towing Fees

You do not need to complete additional paperwork to retrieve your vehicle. You may pay your citation fees online. If you are a student towing fees will be charged to your student account. Non-affiliates will receive a towing bill by mail.