DOTS Art Park FAQs

Updated Monday, March 29

How did this project get started? 
This spring, our reduced campus density has left us with a surplus of unoccupied parking.  In response, our team is piloting the DOTS Art Park. This initiative lends parking spaces to artists and art programs seeking a venue for an outdoor arts installation or presentation. The inspiration for this project comes from our annual Park(ing) Day celebration, which aims to show how parking spaces can be re-imagined for public use. This year, we’re expanding this "parklet" concept to allow our university community to create and showcase art forms that express their thoughts and feelings during this time.

When will I be able to view the installations on campus?
The installations will be in place on Monday, April 12. We expect that they will remain on campus through May 11. 

Where are the installations located? 
This map shows the installation locations. 

What do I need to know about visiting the Art Park? 
You may stop by the Art Park at any time. Please refrain from touching the installations—much time and care went into their creation! If you see something you like, we invite you to take pictures and post them on social media tagging @DOTS_UMD and #ParkYourArt. Remember to adhere to the 4Maryland health requirements while visiting the installations. 

Is there a way for me to view the Art Park from home? 
Yes. Our story map showcases the participants, their work and the location of those works! 

Is DOTS providing funding for the selected projects?
We are not able to provide funding in our first year of this program. We understand that the time and materials required for artmaking can be costly, and we hope to provide funding for these projects in future years.

Are there any restrictions on the type of supplies participants can use?
Participants are not permitted to use hazardous materials that will damage the surface of the lot. Paint and petroleum-based products should not be applied directly to the lot surface. Murals or other painted work should be applied on a separate surface (ex. linoleum, canvas, etc.).  Bolting or drilling into any part of the surface is not permitted. Use of sandbags or weights were encouraged to secure work.

DOTS will work with campus authorities to coordinate the feasibility of projects involving amplified or loud sound.

How will you prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout this project?
This project takes place on campus, therefore 4Maryland guidelines apply. Participants are expected to practice 4Maryland healthy behaviors during all events associated with the DOTS Arts Park, including but not limited to installation, on-site interviews and break-down. Arts Park visitors must also adhere to 4Maryland healthy behaviors, including practicing physical distancing and wear a face covering at all times. Each installation will have signs with visitor policies and 4Maryland guidelines as a reminder. 

Who was eligible to submit a project proposal? 
University of Maryland, College Park students and programs/departments were eligible. 

What were the reviewers looking for in applications?
The reviewers were looking for projects that were logistically feasible and adhered to the application guidelines. Applicants were encouraged to clearly articulate the meaning behind the artwork and conceptualize how that work would appear upon installation. Applicants were also asked to address what supplies they would use and their implementation plan.