Smart Commute Summer Carpool Challenge

Faculty and Staff

We challenge you to carpool to and from work just one time this summer!

If you share a ride, you can win a prize. For your first carpool trip you log in the Smart Commute digital platform, you get a free Maryland Dairy ice cream cone. 

To kick off the challenge, Maryland Dairy will carry a new, custom ice cream flavor from June 3 to June 8! Smart Commute Sweet Ride is a strawberry ice cream with vanilla créme cookie crumble, chocolate chips and chocolate ganache.

Think you might like carpooling another day? The more you carpool, the more chances you have to win prizes. Earn entries into weekly raffles for a stylish Prepd Pack bamboo lunch box from Tastemade and a grand prize raffle for a $300 Terrapin Express card.


There are many benefits of carpooling: a half-price UMD parking permit for registered carpoolers, reduced vehicle maintenance and gas expenses and a more efficient commute. Don’t let the “what ifs” hold you back—we have solutions!


  1. Create your Smart Commute account here if you haven’t already.

  2. Find a carpool partner. This can be someone you already know, or you can find a university colleague through the Smart Commute platform. Read here or watch this video to learn how find, create and join carpools on the platform!

  3. Carpool to and from work and log your trips in Smart Commute.

  4. Redeem your ice cream coupon through the Summer Carpool Incentive in the Smart Commute platform and pick it up at the DOTS office the following week during regular business hours. (Monday - Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

  5. With each carpool log, redeem your entry for the weekly raffle. Raffle winners will receive an email notification.


All employees and students are eligible to participate. Current carpoolers with registered carpool permits are not eligible for the grand prize raffle prize. All carpool trips must be logged in Smart Commute between Monday, June 3 and ends on Friday, August 16 to be eligible. Every participant that carpools and logs one day of carpooling will receive a Maryland Dairy ice cream coupon. Each day of carpooling logged will earn one entry into weekly raffles for a Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set and a grand prize raffle of a $300 Terrapin Express Card at the end of the challenge.