Shuttle-UM Passenger Survey

Faculty and Staff


DOTS is implementing an ongoing Shuttle-UM passenger survey starting in October 2021. The data will inform future route planning and tell us more about riders. We want to know what is and isn’t working. Passengers are also invited to write a thank you note for their driver at the end of the survey.  

Access the Survey 

Passengers complete the survey based on their most recent Shuttle-UM experience. They may take the survey more than once to provide input about multiple routes. The survey can be accessed via QR codes in buses and at bus shelters, and the DOTS website. Links to the survey will also be delivered through NextBus alerts and DOTS social media. Surveyors may ask passengers to take the survey while on board Shuttle-UM.  

Thank Your Driver

At the end of the survey, we invite passengers to write a thank you note for their driver. No matter the weather or time of day, our drivers are taking Terps where they need to go. Show your drivers that you appreciate them with a kind note--we'll pass it along! 

Take The Survey 

Complete the survey to let us know about your most recent Shuttle-UM experience.