Rainy Day Bike Rewards

Faculty and Staff
Sustainable Transportation


The Rainy Day Bike Rewards program rewards bicycle commuters with a free daily parking permit when they make 10 one-way trips to or from campus on the bike. That means for every five round trips of bike commuting, you earn one free day of parking. Save your permit for a day when it's too rainy to bike to work! 

The program is available to faculty, staff and students who do not live on campus

Where You Can Use You Permit

Faculty and staff will use the free daily permit in faculty/staff overflow Lots. Students will be able to use the pass in Lots 1, 1b, 1c, 1d or 1f. Permits are virtual and linked to your car's license plate number through your online parking account.

How to Sign up 

Sign up by integrating the Strava mobile app and UMD’s Smart Commute platform.  Accounts for each are free and required, as they track your bike commutes. Once you integrate platforms and start tracking, you'll be able to see your progress under "My Rewards." 

How to log your trips and earn rewards

Before each bike commute, open the Strava app on your smartphone and begin recording your commute.  Select “Finish” when you reach your home or campus destination, and your trip will automatically be recorded toward your Smart Commute rewards. Each ride to or from campus must be started and finished in the Strava app by tapping on the appropriate button in the app as you start to ride, or once you stop at your destination.

Tracking Tip: Use a Bike Computer
Popular bike computers are smaller and easier to secure to your handlebars. They can automatically send your trip information to Strava, which then forwards it to Smart Commute. Using a bike computer saves battery power on your phone, allows you to keep your phone stowed during your commute, and gives you important information like speed, distance, heart rate and more.


Email bike@umd.edu.