Rainy Day Bike Rewards

Faculty and Staff
Sustainable Transportation

New for Fall 2021, open to members of the Bike Commuter Incentive, the Rainy Day Bike Rewards program rewards bicycle commuters with a free parking pass for every 10 round trips made to and from campus on the bike. Up to seven passes will be available to earn per semester, each one being awarded after 10 round trip bike commutes. Passes not used in the semester will still be available for use the following semester. The program is available to faculty, staff and students who do not live on campus.

The program and trip logging is administered through an integration of two platforms: the Strava mobile app and UMD’s Smart Commute platform. Accounts for each are required.

Sign up for the Rainy Day Bike Rewards program:

  1. Log in to your Smart Commute account. If you don’t already have a Smart Commute account, you will need to create one.
  2. Click on your name in the top banner, then “Edit Profile”.
  3. Ensure your home and work address are filled out, or enter them if not.
  4. Click on “My Networks” on the left side pane and select either Commuter Student or Faculty/Staff as applicable if not already selected.
  5. Select “Connected Apps” in the left side pane and scroll to Strava, then select to connect.
  6. Connect using your Strava username and password. If you do not have Strava account you will need to create one. (Strava is required for this incentive program. Read information about the free Strava mobile app service
  7. When prompted, click “Authorize” and look for the acknowledgement that your account is now connected to Strava. Your commutes from home and office will automatically transfer from Strava to your Smart Commute account.
  8. To complete the sign-up for the Rainy Day incentive, click on “Dashboard” in  the upper banner, and scroll down to “My Rewards.” Click on the Rainy Day graphic, or click on “View All Rewards” and select Rainy Day.
  9. That’s it!

How to log your trips and earn rewards

Before each bike commute, open the Strava app on your smartphone and begin recording your commute.  Select “Finish” when you reach your home or campus destination. By clicking the Finish button at the end of your ride, your trip will automatically be recorded toward your Smart Commute rewards. Each commute must be a separate ride.

Note: Popular bike computers that are smaller and easier to secure to your handlebars can automatically send your trip information to Strava, which then forwards it to Smart Commute. Using a bike computer saves battery power on your phone and allows you to keep your phone stowed during your commute, while giving you important information like speed, distance, even heartbeat rate and more.

Questions about this program? Email bike@umd.edu.