Get to know DOTS by the numbers

DOTS is committed to providing safe, cost-effective and innovative services that anticipate the needs of the campus community and provide access to facilities and destinations supported by the university. But what does this look like when the rubber really meets the road? These quick facts and statistics show some of the ways in which we realize our goals.

We manage all campus parking—approximately 16,500 spaces.
These are enforced daily by seven DOTS enforcement officers. The solar canopies at the top of Mowatt, Regents and Terrapin Trail garages contributed to the 11.2 gigawatts that powered campus last year. That’s equal to 43,856,199 hours of light generated by a light bulb.

We operate Shuttle-UM, one of the nation’s largest university transit services.
Shuttle-UM serves 90,000 passengers per week during the semester. The 104 College Park Metro and 105 Campus Connector are the most popular of the 23 bus routes, each moving approximately 2,500 passengers per day. Over 85 vehicles comprise the Shuttle-UM fleet, including small and large transit buses, motor coaches and SUVs.

We administer campus cycling programs and amenities through BikeUMD.
These include 5,684 bike parking spaces and 7 free bike repair stations. BikeUMD also manages the campus bike share, which saw 71,511 rides in 2018. The League of American Bicyclists has named UMD a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly University, in recognition of the campus’ wealth of cycling resources.

We offer sustainable transportation options through UMD Smart Commute.
Launched in the fall of 2017, Smart Commute provides options and incentives that encourage the campus community to walk, bike, take transit or carpool to the university instead of driving alone. In the past year, 509,285 miles of sustainable trips were logged through the Smart Commute digital platform, generating a savings of 130,683,693 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This equates to the annual electricity output of 15,648,868 homes!

We develop and support a dynamic and diverse workforce. Out of our 465 employees, 142 are students. From June to August, our new DOTS summer development series provides 20 opportunities for our employees to participate in service projects, expand their professional skills, and build community within the department.

Interested in learning more? Visit the “About Us” page to view our Annual Reports.