Bike Info Every Student Needs at Move-Out


As you plan your move-out, your bicycle is included in the items you should remove from campus. Here are several options and tips for making this process painless.

Bike Self-Move

Oftentimes, removing the front wheel makes a bike compact enough to fit inside a vehicle. Another space saver is to remove the seat and seatpost. These steps can be done in minutes with some basic tools. The RecWell Bike Shop can assist with questions regarding tools or steps to remove these items particular to your bike.

Summer Storage on Campus

If you are unable to retrieve your bike during move out, you can contact the DOTS Bicycle Program Office to arrange for secure covered storage for your bike until the campus re-opens. The fee is $10, and the storage service is open to anyone who has completely registered their bike on campus at and has affixed the UMD registration sticker to their bike. Please note that in order to store your bike, we will need to cut your bike lock.

Bicycle Recycle

If you no longer want your bike, consider donating it to the campus Bicycle Recycle program. Donated bikes are an important element of a circular economy that makes use of existing resources and reduces waste. We refurbish donated bikes and sell them at cost to students who strive for the benefit of riding a bike but don’t have the budget to buy a new one. Simply fill out this form to get your donation started. You can always receive more info by emailing any questions to

Commercial Shippers

There are bike shipping companies accessible via the internet that specialize in picking up your bike and delivering it to almost any destination for a fee. It’s a resource, but check to see if it might fit your needs. The process involves disassembling and packing the bike in a bike box (often supplied by the company), then arranging for pick-up. 

Semester Rental Bicycle Return to Campus Bike Shop

For those individuals who have not yet returned a semester rental bicycle to the campus bike shop, the return process has changed to become contact-free. Fill out this form indicating your planned date and time to return the bicycle. Bicycles that are not returned by June 7th will be considered late and will accrue charges. Contact Alex Gebhart at with your questions and concerns. 

What happens if I just abandon my bike?

The university is not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur to any bikes left on the campus property. Bikes should be retrieved within one week of the first day of in-person classes or it will be subject to impound and fees.