110 Seven Springs Shuttle-UM Service FAQs

Faculty and Staff


View full announcement regarding the 110 Seven Springs Shuttle-UM route cancellation.

I live at Seven Springs and used the 110 for my commute. How should I commute to campus?
Seven Springs has invited residents to visit their management office to discuss transportation alternatives.

The WMATA 83 route is also an option for Seven Springs residents. The route services the same off-campus bus stops as the 110, as well as the College Park Metro station and stops along Baltimore Avenue adjacent to campus. The fare to ride this route is $2.00.

We also invite you to explore other transportation options through the Smart Commute trip planner, which introduces users to carpool, transit, biking and walking options in their area.


I live in a College Park neighborhood and used the 110 for my commute. How should I commute to campus?
110 passengers who live in the College Park neighborhoods along Rhode Island Avenue should take the 127 Mazza GrandMarc to campus. Beginning on Monday, August 26, the 127 Mazza GrandMarc route will have additional buses in service between 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m, and 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily. 


What is the 127 Mazza GrandMarc bus schedule for the Fall 2019 semester?
The Fall 2019 schedule is here on the DOTS website.

As is standard between semesters, the 127 will operate on a reduced Fall 2019 schedule from August 19 to August 25. The route will run on the full Fall 2019 schedule beginning Monday, August 26. 


I ride the 127 Mazza GrandMarc bus. How will this service change affect my commute?
127 passengers will see an increase in Shuttle-UM service starting on Monday, August 26, 2019. Additional buses will operate on the route from 8 a.m and 10:40 a.m and 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


What is the last day on which I can take Shuttle-UM to Seven Springs?
August 16, 2019 will be the last day of service to Seven Springs apartments on the 134 Mazza GrandMarc/Seven Springs route.


I signed my lease with the understanding that I would be able to take the 110 Seven Springs to campus. Can I get out of my lease?
If you have questions regarding your lease at Seven Springs, please contact the Seven Springs management. 


Why will the 110 Seven Springs not operate?
The Seven Springs apartment complex has funded the 110 Seven Springs Shuttle-UM bus for many years. The management at Seven Springs recently informed us that, after an internal review, they are unable to continue funding this route.