Park(ing) Day

Fri, September 15, 2023 10:00 AM
3:00 PM
Stadium Drive, Across from the Clarice Smith Center for Performing Arts
Topical Areas
Sustainable Transportation

Held each fall, PARK(ing) Day is a global initiative that advocates for safer, greener, and more equitable streets by temporarily transforming street parking into tiny parks, art installations and more. The parklets are as educational as they are fun: UMD students will explain the “urban heat island” impacts of parking lots and demonstrate techniques for enhancing multi-mobility and green space in urban places.

Location: University of Maryland campus, Stadium Drive (across from the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center)

Campus Participants: UMD’s Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture (SASLA), the Student Planning AssociationTerps for Bike Lanes, SustainableUMD and DOTS Sustainability Team.

Park(ing) day is a global, public, participatory project launched by Rebar in 2005. It is a day where people across the world temporarily repurpose curbside parking spaces and convert them into temporary parklets to advocate for safer, greener, and more equitable streets for people.