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Welcome to the Department of Transportation Services’ Online Waitlist Management web portal.

From this page you can learn about what a waitlist is, how DOTS manages those waitlists, and make your own waitlist requests for parking assignments on campus at the University of Maryland. Waitlists are open for any student, whether they are currently registered for campus parking privileges or not.

On this page you can make your eligible and ineligible lot requests, and also see what requests you are currently signed up for. You can always login again and add additional requests to your account, but you can only remove your requests by contacting DOTS at 301-314-PARK.

To sign up for the waitlist, students must log into their parking account and follow the link where it says “Manage your waitlist position”.

To see a map of our student parking lots, please click here.


What is a waitlist?

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What’s an “Eligible Lot Waitlist”?

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What’s an “Ineligible Lot Waitlist”?

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How are waitlist requests honored and fulfilled?

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How much does it cost for a waitlist request?

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Do waitlist requests expire?

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