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Faculty and Staff parking lots at the University of Maryland are managed using Campus License Plate Registration (CLPR). In order to park in Faculty and Staff lots your license plate needs to be registered with DOTS. If your license plate is not registered, your parking coordinator will not be able to assign you to a lot.

Online Parking Account Management System

You can manage all of your parking needs through our new upgraded Parking Account Management System. Through this portal you can:

  • View citations
  • Pay citations
  • View status and decision of Reviews
  • Submit citation review - Including ability to attach three documents
  • Manage contact information
  • Add or remove vehicle from your registration
  • Guest/Non-affiliate online account info request - Request user ID and Password
  • Use University login (CAS Authentication) - Anyone affiliated with the University can log in using his or her University account instead of creating a new account
  • Click HERE to access Parking Account Management System.

    To add another vehicle to your registration you must go to Manage the Vehicles on your Permit in our Online Parking Management System.

    *License plate number and vehicle make and model are required to complete your registration.

    Example Plate Correct format for number
    new md plate.jpg 2CD2222
    md license plate.gif UMD0000

    To cancel your registration and remove all cars from your permit please contact your Department Transportation Coordinator.

    Faculty and Staff Parking

    Faculty and Staff lots are enforced using Campus License Plate Registration (CLPR). CLPR is a system that uses your existing state-issued license plate number to assign and enforce parking privileges.

    Exception:UMUC evening faculty/staff do not need a permit to park in the unrestricted parking areas after 4 p.m. daily, and all day on weekends and university-observed holidays. However, UMUC faculty/staff must register and properly display a current valid permit/decal to park in the faculty/staff restricted parking areas.

    Full details and restrictions are available in Parking Regulations.

    Please contact your department’s parking coordinator to determine your parking assignment. They will assist you with the process.

    Faculty and staff with a current active registration are allowed overflow parking in lots K, P, U, V, X, XX1, Z or any lot on campus that begins with a number with the exception of Lot 7.

    New employees should first meet with their departments transportation coordinator (DTC) who will assist in filling out the forms below. These forms must be authorized by the DTC prior to visiting DOTS office at Regents Drive Garage.

    Download Faculty Staff Parking Application Form

    Download Payroll Deduction Form

    Departmental Registrations

    Adminstrative Permits (Requires individual parking registrations)

    Administrative permits are issued to a department on a limited basis upon request.  It is the Departmental Transportation Services Coordinator’s responsibility to control the use of the Administrative permit among department employees.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    After-Hours Permit (Requires individual parking registrations)

    The After-Hours permit is issued to faculty/staff as well as eligible Graduate Assistants (GAs), Teaching Assistants (TAs), and Resident Assistants (RAs) who have professional or academic commitments that necessitate access to restricted lots from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m., Monday-Friday and on weekends.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    All-Campus Permit

    The All-Campus permit is issued to individual faculty/staff members, with departmental approval, or to departments that are located off campus.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Courier Permit (Requires individual parking registrations)

    Courier permits are issued to departments on a limited basis upon request. It is the requesting department’s responsibility to control the use of the Courier permit among department employees.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Commercial Registrations

    Service Permit

    Service representatives and vendors visiting departments on campus may be eligible for a Service permit.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Time & Materials Permit (T&M)

    Campus projects requiring contract employment through the University of Maryland Purchasing Department are eligible for a Time and Materials permit.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Special Cases

    Special Parking Permits are available from DOTS based on special needs.
    For example:

    Alumni Permit

    Parking permits may be purchased by qualifying alumni for an annual fee of $266.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Emeritus Permit

    Emeritus permits are issued to those persons designated by the President of UMCP as emeriti.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Retiree Permit

    Retiree permits are issued to individuals who are retired from a university faculty/staff position.
    Permit Description:

    more »


    Volunteer permits are issued to a customer directly or through a requesting department.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Non-Positional Personnel

    Persons who do not meet the criteria for volunteers listed above, but are not an active PHR appointment for the requesting department, are eligible to obtain campus parking privileges through the DOTS office.
    Permit Description:

    more »

    Bundle Packs

    Faculty/staff who only need to park on campus occasionally may purchase a bundle pack of parking registration.

    Permit Description:

    Each bundle pack allows a vehicle to park on campus for a total of 10 separate days and costs $60. To be eligible for these permits, you cannot have a Department of Transportation Services' parking permit. Faculty and staff members using these permits may park in lots B, K, P, U, XX1, Z, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16 & 19.

    How to apply:

    You may purchase a bundle pack at the DOTS Regents Drive Garage office.


    Type of Permit Fee Permit Conditions
    Individual Permit Tier 1 - $400 Employees that earn $30,000 or less
    Tier 2 - $453 Employees that earn $30,001 - $45,000
    Tier 3 - $508 Employees that earn $45,001 - $60,000
    Tier 4 - $754 Employees that earn $60,001 - $80,000
    Tier 5 - $798 Employees that earn $80,001 or above
    Bundle Pack $60 10 permits per bundle pack
    Administrative $862 Paid for by department
    After-Hours Free Must already own a CLPR or permit
    All-Campus $1,174 ($862 + $400) Department + Employee in the Tier 1 range
    $1,224 ($862 + $453) Department + Employee in the Tier 2 range
    $1,275 ($862 + $508) Department + Employee in the Tier 3 range
    $1,495 ($862 + $754) Department + Employee in the Tier 4 range
    $1,536 ($862 + $798) Department + Employee in the Tier 5 range
    Courier $50/yr (issued on a 2 yr basis) Issued upon department request
    Alumni $266

    Must be dues-paying member of the Alumni Association
    Emeritus Free Appointed by the President’s Office
    Volunteers Free Contact Departmental
    Transportation Services Coordinator
    Non-Positional Personnel Existing rate for student or faculty/staff lot Can be subsidized by the department
    Service $862 Annual (Requires Official Vehicle)
    Time and Materials $862 Annual
    $647 December 1 - August 30
    $431 March 1 - August 30
    $216 June 1 - August 30
    Gate Card $10 For Faculty/Staff
    $10 per gated area For Departments and Affiliates
    Split Assignment $400 Employee in the Tier 1 range
    $453 Employee in the Tier 2 range
    $508 Employee in the Tier 3 range
    $754 Employee in the Tier 4 range
    $798 Employee in the Tier 5 range

    Commuter Student Lot Assignments

    University of Maryland commuting students are assigned to a commuter parking lot based on their class standing and lot availability, except for Lot 5. Please note, when a permit is required, the car cannot be parked over 24 consecutive hours. See the following chart:

    Credit Range Year Standing Lot Assignment
    Credit level 0-29 Freshman Assigned to Lot 6
    and then Lot 4
    Credit level 30-59 Sophomore Choice of Lot 4,6 & 9
    Credit level 60-89 Junior Choice of Lot 1, 4, 6,
    9, 11 & SDG
    Credit level 90+ Senior & Graduates** Choice of Lot 1, 4, 6,
    9, 11 & SDG
    image of asterisk