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Steps to become a TerpRider

The goal of the TerpRider Carpool program is to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles that park on campus. To get the discount at least two active permits/registrations must be presented and exchanged for a TerpRider carpool permit.


1. Find a Carpool partner(s)

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2. Schedule an appointment in advance

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3. Come to our office in person

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Eligibility and Registration


Participants in the TerpRider Carpool Program will receive 50% off the cost of their parking registration. The TerpRider program has several benefits over forming an independent carpool.

TerpRiders are eligible for preferred parking in great locations. TerpRiders may park in all of the lots that are assigned to each member. For example, if one rider is assigned to lot 1 and the other is assigned to lot 5, you may park in either lot.

  • TerpRiders can participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home Program
  • If the carpool dissolves, you will still have your original parking lot assignment.
  • Payment is managed though DOTS so if the carpool dissolves before the end of the year, you go back to your original rate. No worries about paying for someone else’s permit and then having them leave campus.
  • You significantly reduce your carbon footprint without depending on a fixed bus route.

Preferred Parking

Every parking garage has designated carpool permit parking spots. You must have a carpool permit to park in these spaces. Spaces are located in the following garages:

Location Spaces Location
Terrapin Trail Garage 2 On the right as you enter
Regents Drive Garage 2 3 level by bridge to Plant Sciences
Mowatt Lane Garage 2 West and lower level by bike cage
Stadium Drive Garage 2
Paint Branch Visitor Lot 2
Union Lane Garage 5 Top level

TerpRider Permit must be hanging and parking is first come, first served.

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